Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wine Tasting: J Opi Malbec 2011

This is the gold-standard. Maria and I have tried a number of wines over the years and by the first sip the J Opi Malbec 2011 was our all-time favorite. More to the point, everyone at the table that night was raving about it.

I'm not a pretentious wine-taster but I'll try and use a little descriptive language without sounding too hokey. The first flavor note is blueberry, a slightly-sweet fruity flavor, but I wouldn't describe this wine as sweet. Instead, it's a very even wine, with an incredibly full body, able to stand up to nearly any food pairing. The finish is silky smooth, the real magic of this wine.

David: 5 Stars
Maria: 5 Stars

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